First Miracle by Jesus: Wedding at Cana

Scripture passage: John 2:1-11

Jesus changes water into wine

The world today is ruled and governed by the laws of nature, so believes the modern day man. Thus, it is impossible for him/her to believe in miracles anymore. Thanks to the advancement in science and technology, everything has a reason and logic attached to it.

Jesus Christ is an epic figure. There is proof and evidence about His birth and death. There is no one like Him. At the time of His death the Centurion proclaimed:

39 And when the centurion, who stood there in front of Jesus, saw how he died, he said, “Surely this man was the Son of God!” (Mark 15:39) .

If we believe in God then we must believe in the Son of God as well. When we devote and commit ourselves and our soul to Christ we believe that miracles can happen.

There is a town near Nazareth, named Cana where the event takes place. At the wedding there;Jesus, His disciples and Mother Mary were invited. They were unaware of the presence of Son of God among them. Thus, when the household faced the difficulty(ran out of wine), they get very troubled. Having immense faith and or leading a prayerful life does not insure you from hardships. How we overcome these hardships is more important. Lord is not a magician or a sorcerer. He did not produce wine out of thin air. He was capable of doing that and is evident from all the miracles He performed. He applied a paste of mud on the blind man and asked him to wash it off. He fed more than 50,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. At the wedding house, He asks the servants to fill the jars up to the brim with water from the well. And the rest we all know. When the servants served the guests the water has turned to wine. None of them asked Him questions when Jesus asks them to do something. And the end result is a miracle, a miracle of faith and trust.

Our Lord desires the same from us. The presence of Jesus provided them with relief and hope. And He turned water into wine, thereby saving the family from disgrace. Do we also invite Him into our lives to share our joys and sorrows? Do we believe that the Lord has the power to change any situation for good? Are we willing to hand over our lives in to His hands?

Even if the sun rises in the sky or not, we all believe that there is a sun. We are not able to see God, so does it mean that He is not there?? The circumstances or trials or tribulations that the Lord presents before us , we should submit it before Him and make the best of it. This is what he desires of us all. He want His children to completely submit before him with faith and trust.

Let me share a story. There were four rocks on a road. One day a washerwoman passed on the road . She picked one of the rocks and used it for washing clothes. Next, a traveler passed that way. He picked up a rock and fashioned it into many useful tools. The third rock was picked up by a man who was about to build his home. He used the rock as the foundation stone of his house. The fourth rock was picked up by a sculptor, who sculpted a statue of a goddess . That statue was donated to a temple which was worshipped by several devotees.

These were four rocks of the same kind but each used for a different purpose. The Lord asked the servants to fill the jar with water. They did so without any questions. These were stones jars. The jars be stone or gold it can be turned into Lord’s blessing. The jars were not just filled but filled to the brim. A completion is seen here. The same is desired by God- complete faith in Him. We study and teach the Bible. Have we experienced complete faith and submission to Christ as real Christians?? But we can try. Can’t we??

The water that was turned into wine was distributed among guests. And the guests exclaimed it to be of the best quality. When Jesus transforms we also get transformed into a new self. When we partake in the Holy Communion we get transformed into new creations in Him.

In the present world there are so many people who are ignorant about the Lord and in great need of Him. Can we show the Saviour to them? In our lifetime if we are able to bring the Saviour in the life of even one person then we can consider our lives fruitful. The Lord will help and provide for it.That is His dream and desires from us.

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