If you are not doing the right thing, sin crouches at your door

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Scripture Passage: Genesis 4:3-7, In the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. And Abel also brought an offering—fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock. The Lord looked with favor on Abel and his offering, but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry, and his face was downcast. Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”

These lines have been said to Cain by the Heavenly Father. The situation in which these were said is where the brothers Can & Abel offer their sacrifices to God. God is pleased with offerings of the younger son, Abel. God is displeased with Cain’s offerings and refused it. This causes jealousy and hatred in Cain. His face is forlorn and upset. Seeing this, God asks Cain why are you upset (Genesis 4:6).

God almighty warns Cain that sin is at his door, he should be able to overcome it. This is what the Lord warns each child of His. The moment God’s presence moves away from Cain, Satan enters his heart. Cain asks Abel to come to the field with him (Genesis 4:8,Now Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the field.”While they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him). Innocent Abel did not see the poison or deceit in his brother’s calling and follows Cain, who kills him.

The all knowing Lord comes before Cain and asks him, where is your brother? Genesis 4:9, Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” “I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”.There is no regret or remorse in Cain for murdering his own brother. Satan inside him must have said that you’ve done the right thing by eliminating your enemy and competition. Man again falls into the trap of the Satan. First through the mother then through her son. The result, the mother, eve is thrown out of the garden of Eden along with Adam. The son Cain is cursed to wander the earth. Even today Satan follows us in various forms.

These events happened several years ago. First Satan tempted with the forbidden fruit. Then he entered in the form of jealousy. First he came crawling like a snake, but when he came again Cain did not recognize him. Today how does he come before us? In the form of worldly gains, beautiful people?? think of Eve here, Genesis 3:6, When the woman saw that the fruit of the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom, she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. It should be possible to each of us to say no to temptation and evil company. When the mind is tempted by forbidden fruit we should remember the words of Jesus, ” Satan, leave me alone.”

If we feel envious or jealous of the prosperity and progress of our brothers and sisters, or their children, then beware. It is the working of Satan.Our Lord asks us to step over it and overcome it. There are two voices that come from within us-“Do” & “Don’t do”. Satan always says “Do”, when we do something evil, whereas the Holy Spirit calls upon us, ” Son, Daughter don’t do”. At times the reverse also happens. It is not about overcoming the power. It is also about who we surrender to and who overpowers us. The moment you feel that your steps are faltering, immediately reach out and hold the hands of Heavenly Father. Often we have fallen and have seen others fall. When we fall down either we ourselves get up or seek help from someone or hold on to something and get up. Psalms 91:11-12,11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; 12 they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. Let these words be your strength to rise everytime you fall.

In the book of Joshua 6:18, we see Joshua warning the Israelites not to take anything that is to be destroyed. Yet Achan took some things, Joshua 7:21. God gave up on Israelites because of their greed which had led Achan to take the undeserved wealth and things that were to be destroyed. There is nothing hidden from God. Achan and his family is destroyed in fire. Because of the greed of one man, the whole family is destroyed.

2 Samuel 13: 1-21, Here we read about Amnon being in love with his half sister Tamar. Here too Satan enters in the form of his best friend Jonadab, who advises him to play dirty to fulfill his desires. Instead of advising Anon to cleanse his thoughts, he tells Amnon to set a trap which results in molestation of Tamar. It does not end there. Satan resurfaces in the form of revenge in Absalom (2 Samuel 13:28-29). Under the order Absalom, his servants kill Amnon. In one family itself adultery and murder both take place. Children of God Be Alert!! Watch out for his approach. Be strong and send Satan away.

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