Christian Living and Corrections

Since childhood if there is one thing that we do not like to accept or hear is correction. Be it from parents, siblings, friends, teachers, even small children do not like to be corrected. Many families have broken down due to this nature since even though we know that the correction is right we do not like to hear it. Proverbs 9:8, Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you.

Proverbs 29:1, Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes
    will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.

Proverbs 29:15, 15 A rod and a reprimand impart wisdom,
    but a child left undisciplined disgraces its mother.

These Bible verses teach us that reprimanding/correcting those we love is our duty. Similarly, it is the duty of those who listen to these to follow them or else bear the consequences.

Let us have a look at two disciples:

1.PETER: Peter was also one of the disciples who followed Jesus when He called out to them, ‘Come follow me, I will make you fishers of men.’ He was impulsive and hot-headed. Matthew 14:25-33, we read that seeing Jesus walking on water, Peter desired to walk on water unlike the other disciples. Peter asked Jesus to ask him to come to Him. Jesus said to him, ‘Come’. Peter started to walk on water. The moment his gaze shifted from Christ, he began to drown. Jesus rescued him but reprimanded him calling him, ‘You of little faith’.

Matthew 16:23, we read that at the Last Supper Jesus speaks about His capture and death. Peter speaks that he will never let that happen. Jesus corrects him again like a child and says to him, ‘Go away from me, Satan’.

When Judas came with Roman soldiers to capture Jesus, Peter cut off one ear of a soldier. Jesus yet again reprimanded him on his action. Jesus was taken to the high priests for further questioning, it was only Peter who followed Him at a short distance. If not for the love of Christ then what made Peter take such a risk??? Matthew 26:35, We read that Peter says to Jesus that he will never forsake Him and will die for Him. Peter had proclaimed that Jesus was the Son of God. Jesus had said about Peter, You are the rock upon which I will establish my church. Yet this very Peter couldn’t stand in front of a servant woman who said he was with Jesus. He refuted her claim. When Jesus turned to look at him, he remembered the words of Jesus that before the cock crows thrice you would disown me. Peter couldn’t bear it, he went out and wept bitterly. In this way, Peter who stepped backward several times, Jesus made him the catalyst of change for Christian community.

Peter realized his mistakes and corrected them also. He uprooted the weed of going back from his life forever. Today the world knows him as the primary mark of Discipleship.

2.JUDAS: We can believe that like everyone else, Judas too loved Jesus. What Judas desired was a king who would give him the riches of this world. Lord Jesus did not use any such chance since that was not what He came to earth for. Judas understood that his motives/desires will not be fulfilled. Satan took advantage of this weakness. Satan hardened his heart and used this weakness against him. Jesus knew the inner working of Judas’ heart very well. John 6:70, 70 Then Jesus replied, “Have I not chosen you, the Twelve? Yet one of you is a devil!”

Mark 14:21, 21 The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born.

Even after hearing such painful words, Judas did not turn. He did not make use of the chances of correcting himself. The Devil inside did not die.

At the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of all His disciples. I can’t help but think that it must have been Judas’ feet that Jesus must have washed first. John 13:18,21: 18 “I am not referring to all of you; I know those I have chosen. But this is to fulfill this passage of Scripture: ‘He who shared my bread has turned against me.’

21 After he had said this, Jesus was troubled in spirit and testified, “Very truly I tell you, one of you is going to betray me.”

Luke 22:3, Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, one of the Twelve.

Even then Judas did not have a change of heart. He left to the palace of the high priests to collect the ransom he placed for Jesus.

When Judas betrayed Jesus to the Romans, Jesus addresses him as friend, Matthew 26:50, 50 Jesus replied, “Do what you came for, friend.” He is the best example of a back stabber/betrayer of trust. After the arrest of Jesus, Judas is no where to be seen. Fear and sense of guilt had taken over him. He went to return the money he had taken, but they refused to take it back. He threw the money to the floor, went away and hung himself. His life was one of who lacks any hopes of revival.

Even though he knew very well about the patient and forgiving heart/nature of Jesus. He did not reach out to the feet of the Lord seeking forgiveness. Had he repented and fallen to the bleeding feet nailed to the cross, he definitely would have received deliverance. Satan had taken hold of him so much that he did not see light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeremiah 4:14…. wash the evil from your heart, so that you may be saved. How long will you go on thinking sinful thoughts?

Both the disciples alike spent their whole time with the Saviour. one of them realized his mistake and corrected himself. The other betrayed his teacher and then committed suicide. He committed one sin after the other. Time after time those who correct us, we should not mock them in our hearts or complain about their correction. Rather like Peter we should take corrective steps. Just like the eyes were upon Peter, similarly His eyes are upon us also. He called Judas friend whereas He calls each one of us by our names and call us His child.

Who is it that we make our example then??? Are you among those who nailed Him to the cross and crucified Him and doing so daily??? Dear children of God you can ignore the words of those who care for you but can you run from the wrath of the Lord?? Every night before you sleep think and ponder over the words and action that you have spoken and done.

It is not possible for the Lord to take flesh and stay with us till the end of time. That is why we have family, teachers, priests, word of God, etc as our guide and mentor. The one who created us also knows our weaknesses. The word of God tells us in

1 John1:810, If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and there is no truth in us. But if we confess our sins to God, he will keep his promise and do what is right: he will forgive us our sins and purify us from all our wrongdoing. 10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make a liar out of God, and his word is not in us.

Think that those who encourage or become partner in crime really love us??? Or those who correct us??? Think….

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