Mathew 27:19, Don’t have anything to do with that innocent man

Let us see an extraordinary event which happened more than 2000 years ago. Creation investigating the Creator. It was only fulfillment of the prophecy of the prophets. The power thirsty men are questioning the Creator of all Creation. In other words, the Creator stood helpless, alone and stood in silence before those questioning Him. The One without any blemish/flaw, the One who is hailed Holy by the choir of angel stood before them like a common thief, but in silence. On one side stood the mute spectators lamenting His situation. On the other side stood those who shouted loudly as if in a celebration. Our Saviour was marched from one law makers to the other. They took Him as a prisoner from among His disciples and then paraded Him between Annas and Caiaphas, the two High Priests , and then Pontius Pilate. John 11:50-51,

50 You do not realize that it is better for you that one man die for the people than that the whole nation perish.”51 He did not say this on his own, but as high priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the Jewish nation,

In the end they brought Him back before Pilate for the final judgement. The Jews accused Jesus of blasphemy and many other things. Yet Jesus spoke nothing in His own defense. While questioning Jesus, Pilate asked Him ‘Are you the King of Jews?’. Jesus answered, ‘Yes, I am’. Luke 23:6-7, On hearing this, Pilate asked if the man was a Galilean. When he learned that Jesus was under Herod’s jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, who was also in Jerusalem at that time.

Herod was delighted when he saw Jesus. He desired to see Jesus perform some miracle in his presence. But here too Jesus stood before him in complete silence. Herod humiliated Jesus and called Him ordinary. He then had Jesus dressed in white robes and sent Him back to Pilate. Jesus was again questioned before Pilate, but since he found nothing wrong in Jesus, he wanted to set Him free. Pilate had the power to either free or execute Jesus. To pacify the violent crowd before him de decided to crucify Jesus. Pilate’s wife sent him a message while he was seated on the judge’s seat.

Mathew 27:19,19 While Pilate was sitting on the judge’s seat, his wife sent him this message: “Don’t have anything to do with that innocent man, for I have suffered a great deal today in a dream because of him.”

The interference of this lady in the matter is rather extraordinary. What inspired this lady to have the courage to come forth ? Let us see.

1.Fame and popularity??? The name of Pilate’s wife is not mentioned in the Bible. She is only known to us as his wife. In today’s times people perform acts of kindness so that they are recognized and become known personalities. She did not desire name or fame is very clear in the Bible. She did not occupy any official position in the court also. She was only the judge’s wife. To stop her husband from being the catalyst to injustice she sends a message to Pilate because she could not do so in person. She had only one aim in mind which was to save the life of Jesus.

2.She believed that Jesus was innocent- This topic is something that should make us introspect and ponder, as well as touch our hearts. A huge crowd was shouting against Jesus, ‘Crucify him, Crucify him’. Jesus stood alone in the crowd. Those who had vowed never to leave Him too had abandoned Him and run away. Judas betrayed Him for thirty pieces of silver. Peter denied Him before an ordinary servant girl. Pilate’s wife was not Jewish. Hence its nothing short of a miracle that she stood up for Jesus and saw a dream about Him when she did not even know Him. That means that lady loved and adored Him from her heart. That inspired and drove her to try to save Jesus’ life. Those were not modern times like today where husband-wives talk official matters and seek counsel/advice. Yet she approached her husband in his official matters. One should pause and think about this too. Why???

3. She tried to dissuade her husband from a heinous crime- Even though she was afraid to proclaim Jesus as Saviour , yet she believed and doubted that He was the Son of God. She tries to do her duty as an ideal wife. She wanted that the stains of the innocent blood of the Son of God should not taint and punish her family. It is normally said that family feud is usually due to women. An ideal wife/homemaker tries her best to make her husband and children live a life of principle and righteousness. Husbands like Pilate who run to please people and make self centered decision are a curse for a family. Mathew 27:18, 18 For he knew it was out of self-interest that they had handed Jesus over to him. A good wife/mother builds a good family. A good family builds a good society. For eg: Do not be selfish like Queen Isabel(Naboth’s Vineyard). Instead we have blessed example too like the Mother in law-Daughter in law duo of Naomi and Ruth who are perfect example of ideal women.

May each women be able to shine like a beacon for her family as a daughter, mother or wife and lead her family in righteousness. Several women have good qualities but they do not make full use of it. Pilate’s wife is the perfect example for each of us that if we have grit and determination and a passionate heart, we too can achieve the impossible. May we too follow her example and lead the way in our families. Amen.

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